Hash House Harriers

First of all, since the word "hash" is being used in connection with the Middle East, let's make one thing perfectly clear: It has nothing to do with hashish.

Simply put, Hash House Harriers are groups of non- competitive running, social, and drinking clubs that exist in a variety of different locations throughout the world. Lore tells that the tradition dates back to the late 1930s in Kuala Lumpur (e.g., see http://www.exriyadhhash.org.uk/).

While socializing and drinking need no explanation, the run part involves a group of people ("hounds") meeting at a prescribed location to follow a running trail(s) established by a person or people known as (a) "hare(s)."

In Saudi Arabia, there are several hash groups (e.g., the Riyadh Road Runners), and they typically — though not exclusively — meet out in the desert on the weekend for their hash runs, thus on Thursday or Friday. Participating in a hash is a great way to make friends, and a fun and popular way to spend part of your weekend while in Saudi.

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