February 2012: February Funnies

In February, those of us who live in the snow belts of North America are feeling impatient with winter, wanting it to move on, and in general need to be cheered up. So I will entertain you with some of the more unusual responses and mistakes we receive in incoming emails and queries.

Medical Terminology from - Remember - Healthcare Professionals:

  • Mental Pause
  • "I have short-sightedness (mild)."
  • Homodynamic monitoring

If you talk to employment specialists, some highly recommend personal statements be placed on resumes, and others do not recommend them at all. The following statement is one we would absolutely not recommend:

"I am tremendously apathetic to all human life."

We always encourage questions, but some take us aback:

  • Is Saudi Arabia a tropical island?
  • A prospective candidate asked us to arrange an interest-free loan to help pay for her children's financial needs.

Here is a selection of responses to a question about "What is your citizenship?" (We have not corrected the spelling. Of course, the expected answer would be something like American, Canadian, etc.):

  • 1st Class
  • Born Citizen
  • Dont Have
  • I already am
  • Im a citizen
  • International
  • Legal
  • my hasband
  • Never
  • None
  • Normal
  • Not Yet
  • Yes I,M
  • Zero

And here is a selection of responses to the question, "What is your occupation?" (We have not corrected the spelling. The expected answer would be something like paramedic, or RRT, or RN-ICU, etc.):

  • good lisner
  • employee
  • all

Items mistakenly uploaded instead of a candidate's resume:

  • Image of some shirts
  • MP3 file of music of Andrea Bocelli
  • Legal document
  • A tax document
  • Cover letter to someone else
  • Medical test results
  • Graduation photo
  • .jpg image of a June 2010 calendar
  • some kind of pyramid scheme lottery
  • a letter of complaint to a bank
  • someone else's resume
  • a rant about the world's economy
  • photo of two vehicles in the desert

Education Matters:

An RN informed one of the recruiters that two Bachelor's degrees equal a Master's degree.

As you may have read in Application Ins and Outs, the norm is for hospitals in the Middle East to be very strict about the education and experience requirements for all positions. While it's entirely normal for people to reach higher in their careers, here are some doozies:

  • A housewife applied for a hospital Laundry Supervisor job.
  • A male "Mortician and vocation counselor" who applied for a position as a "Senior FEMALE Occupational Therapist -- Pediatrics" and Chief Information Officer.
  • A microbiology professor applied for a wide range of unrelated professions: Chief Research Advisor, Infection Control Practitioner, Head Intensivist-SICU, Executive Consultant-O&M, Senior Administrator-Medical and Clinical Services, Executive Assistant-Medical Clinical Operations, Head of Physical Therapy, Executive Assistant-Administrative Affairs, and Consultant Immunopathologist.
  • A person with a marketing certificate (no degree) who applied for Patient Bed Management, Charge RN-OR, MD-Family Medicine, and Executive Consultant-O&M vacancies.
  • The following people, without training, registration or experience, applied for the Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) positions: welders, truck drivers, a furniture maker, a cable guy
  • "I have attach my CV for the position of Director Medical Records. I have no experience in Record keeping and have been doing it for 13 years." (spelling unaltered)
  • A carpenter who applied for the Consultant-Pediatric Dentistry job … which, we suppose makes some sense -- drills, picks, fillings, molds ...

Happy Winter!

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