Testimonials from the Middle East, Part 1

"I have known the professionals at HZA since 1987 and have a high regard for their skills and abilities. The staff are thoroughly trained and educated to understand the challenges met by both healthcare professionals seeking a placement and the organization that is employing them. HZA strives to find the perfect employee/employer fit, resulting in an experience that is positive for both parties. HZA recruitment specialists work closely with the organization throughout the recruitment process. They carefully review the needs of the organization and compile a database of suitable candidates. They arrange and schedule preliminary interviews and provide clear concise resumes and data sheets on applicants submitted for consideration. From the candidate's viewpoint, they help to remove the stress of relocating by providing detailed information on the workplace, the working culture, the cost of living, leisure activities and community profiles. Again all this research helps to ensure that there is a match between employers and employees resulting in a high rate of positive probationary evaluations.

"As a senior executive at several large hospitals, I have relied on the experience of HZA specialists to provide skilled staff for direct care, education and management positions. Many leaders within the management team of the hospitals that I have worked have been recruits of HZA. Our most recent hospital development project, Shaikh Khalifa Medical Centre would not have reached its commissioning and accreditation goals without the active involvement of HZA in recruiting a wide variety and large number of expert staff for the project." Veronica Nickerson RN, BScN, MEd,Vice President, Patient Care Services, Interhealth Canada Ltd.

Things are going very well here for me. I have learned not to panic. (Ha Ha). I am very busy when I work and when they say total care, they mean TOTAL CARE. But I'm learning how to pace my time. Believe it or not, I am precepting Saudi Graduate Nurses. I had one from April 6th until July 1st. She was wonderful, and such a good experience for me.

After work I am swimming, reading and meeting with my friends. I have been to Bahrain, Jeddah, and was in Turkey in May for six wonderful days. And I will be in Jeddah again for a few days this month.

My accommodations are beautiful in MCV. I have a newly renovated townhouse and a great roommate from Finland. It's really hot here, but totally do-able. I'm used to not having a car now and have some great drivers that I can depend on.

Your new recuit needs to be very patient when she gets here. Just get through the GNO and don't stress about the differences in nursing between here and the US. I don't feel that my standards have lessoned and the families and children have been wonderful to me. The hardest part is the learning Arabic. I am learning more each day, but there is not sufficient help with translation. But demonstration works well and I feel that I am getting the information across to the parents.

Overall, I'm pleased with my decision to come here and I'm hoping to do five years … (Give me strength). Please let Elaine know that I'm doing well and I look forward to seeing the new nurse. Feel free to give her my email. I'll send a list of "must haves" for when she packs, ok?

Take Care!!! Beth, RN-Pediatric Stepdown, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Riyadh, Traveled: October 2007

"My name is Lisa Selvey, I am a Canadian Registered Respiratory Therapist and made my move to KFSH&RC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, less than a year ago with the help of Helen Ziegler and Associates. It continues to be one of the best life choices I have ever made. I have grown as a therapist and as a person in ways I could have never imagined, I have visited seven countries so far, and have met people from all over the world and have established many lifelong friendships. Helen Ziegler and Associates proved to be a professional but caring recruiting company and worked quickly and effectively to get me over to Saudi Arabia, which is not the most straighforward country in which to enter, work in, and live in. I know I made the right choice in choosing Helen Ziegler and Associates as my recruiter!" Lisa, RRT, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Riyadh, Traveled: March 2006

"I am very happy with the assistance I received from Helen Ziegler & Associates (HZA). It was apparent upon arrival which agency the new employees were processed through, as the group from HZA, had the most information and all paper work in order. None of us from HZA arrived in Saudi without proper documentation - i.e., a work visa!

"As for recommending Saudi, the expats are extremely friendly and welcoming. Shopping is a pastime and so much is available here. Freedom is not as limited as one would think back home. Some of these limitations/restrictions are present but not suffocating.

"I am especially grateful that I was sent to the hospital appropriate to my personality and not to an isolated hospital. Thanks to everyone at HZA!" Janet, Radiation Therapist, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Riyadh, Traveled: January 2004

"When I applied to return to work once again in Saudi Arabia, my Recruiter and the entire team at Helen Ziegler and Associates treated me exceptionally well. I had several questions and concerns that were accurately and appropriately answered. I was very impressed by the level of professionalism and personalized service by the entire team.

"I was well prepared and pleasantly surprised when I arrived at my new place of employment as the housing is very good. I have been treated very well by the people that I work with, and I am meeting new friends and doing several very interesting things when I am not working (including attending concerts, opera, yoga lessons, etc). If you are interested in a particular activity, it is more than likely out there for you, it is just a matter of getting to know and meet expats who have similar interests. Connie, RN, Manager-Case Management, Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City, Riyadh, Traveled: November 2003

"The staff at Helen Ziegler and Associates were very responsive and friendly during my recruitment. ... That first week it was clear that they really enjoyed helping; in all our communications they had my best interests (in mind) first and foremost. The staff really helped to make the recruitment and transition process exciting.

"I still keep in touch and from time to time get a house call when they are in the Middle East. It's great knowing that the people who were involved with my recruitment as well as others are speaking from first hand experience." Patricia, Manager of Food Services, Saudi Arabia

"What impressed me most about my recruitment experience with you all was that you made me feel like a friend. It did not feel like a business experience. Everything that had to be done seemed to get done in a relaxed way and that made everything so much easier. I know HZA is a serious business but it really was a pleasure that the recruitment experience for me was stress free with really nice people who always returned telephone calls and never became tired of the many, many questions." Susan, Transcriptionist, Saudi Arabia

"(Since coming to Saudi Arabia, I have) climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, done a safari, and been to Zanzibar. Most incredible trip of my life. In short, life is terrific. I've met the man of my dreams (I came here to be single - OOPS!), have saved more money than ever before, gone on my dream trip to Africa and have so much to look forward to. Am enjoying a sunny and hot day off today and am heading down to clock tower to shop for gifts. Will be boarding a plane in eight days to come home with my new husband for three weeks and cannot wait! Oh yes, before I forget, thank you both so much for being instrumental in changing my life in the hugest way and for your patience and encouragement to do the scariest thing ever in my life. My heartfelt thanks for your hard work." Jennifer, Registered Nurse, Saudi Arabia

"Marhaba! All is going really well here. I love the Critical Care ECC though it seems none of the nurse managers knew I was arriving. It is exciting, challenging, and unlike any ER I've ever worked in. My intensive care skills are getting a workout which is what I hoped for!"

"Riyadh is of course stinking hot, so I haven't done too much venturing out. The air conditioned super malls are unreal but my heart is in the souks though they have certainly been tarted up since I was last here. Once the cooler weather arrives I'll be on every social club tour into the desert I can manage. Thanks to all of you for getting me here. I've already managed a 4 day weekend in Amman with my husband ... heaven! Anne-Christine, RN-Emergency Medicine, King Abdulaziz Medical Cities, Riyadh, Traveled: May 2007

"The trip was quite pleasant, and I was happy for the layover in London, as I met some friends for a few hours. The hospital representative did wait for me at the airport and took me to my appartment. The appartment is spacious and pretty, nice furnitures. They had a lot of stuff waiting for me, from coffee and food in the fridge, to towels, bathing supplies, new appliances, phone card, etc. The hospital is absolutely fantastic. I must say that it excides everything that I imagined or seen before. Everything is state of the art, and they have more equipment than all the hospitals i've worked in before put together. It does not even look like a hospital, more like a 5 star hotel. They do not have a cafeteria like other hospitals but a real restaurant with waiters, and the executive chef comes from 5 star hotels in Asia, last one The Mandarin in Manila, imagine that. No expense has been spared there, and if everything goes according to plan, it will soon be of international renown." Eugenia, Senior RN-Intensive Care Unit, Aspetar/QOSMH, Traveled: August 2007

"I have to tell you some people think I should be the hospital greeter at the airport. (They think I am crazy because I love it here). It is all mind set. If you are positive then the experience will be positive. :)" Lorrie, RN-Operating Room, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Riyadh, Traveled: August 2006

"I'm emailing you from Riyadh! I feel like I've already been here at least a month and it's been less than an week! I am really enjoying it. The hospital is beautiful in MCV…as you know. My roommate is Dutch and she has been here over 7 years so she's been really helpful. She and I went shopping at Faisalia last night and it was fantastic! We just started nursing orientation yesterday. It's been really great so far. Some things were as I expected and some not. My bags didn't get inspected at all at the airport and I didn't get my passport taken from me and set aside in a separate room at the airport. They stamped me and waved me right through. So that was good. I have no complaints and have had no problems thus far. I've been talking to some of the other girls about their recruitment processes and some of them have some rather unpleasant tales and some of them were really not prepared properly at all. So than you all so much for all of your hard work and your organization. It made the transition coming here so much easier. I was totally prepared and ready for everything I had to face and deal with."

"Thanks again for everything, take care and keep in touch!" Jeannine, RN-Medicine/Surgery, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Riyadh, Traveled: January 2007

"We began our relationship over three years ago, in Johannesburg, South Africa when I was offered a position as a pharmacist in Chatham, Ontario [Canada]. I can say with certainty, that your service is not only excellent, very helpful and diligent, but that it is the finest and most professional service I have been exposed to. Whether is was assistance with pharmacy exam preparations, visa applications, travel, accommodations, and general orientation about life in Canada, you went out of your way to ensure a seamless transition from South Africa to Canada. You were also available to lend a hand even when we were settling down in Canada and for that, I will always be grateful.

"Helen Ziegler & Associates, continues to raise the bar when it comes to consistent, efficient and friendly service. Your company, should be the industry benchmark for excellence. Working with you for the past few years has been a real pleasure. I truly enjoy the friendly relationship we have developed, which is another testimony to the character and integrity of the organization.

"Once again thank you for your invaluable assistance through the years." Sincerely, Kitso Mashile, Pharmacist, Chatham, Ontario

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