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As the youngest and newest member of Helen Ziegler and Associates, my questions seem limitless. Beyond what every new employee must come to know (job description, office politics, etc.), I am learning about a brand new culture - which was, to me just three months ago, somewhat of a mystery. In addition to my role as a recruitment assistant, I have been tasked with updating our company website with relevant information on the Middle East. Having just received a Bachelor's Degree in Science, and growing up in a small Ontario town, my knowledge on the subject was limited. And I assure you that, as you consider employment in Saudi Arabia, Qatar or the UAE, the questions that you are seeking answers to, are the same questions that I had, and still continue to ask.

Having just graduated this year (2008), I find myself approaching my new position, the only way I know how - like a student. I read, I ask questions and I seek out information. Though I am no longer in the classroom, I am continuing my education and furthering my understanding of these "mysterious" places. And as my knowledge of the Arab nations has increased, many of my pre-conceived ideas have changed, and the Arabian Peninsula has become, for me, a beautiful land full of culture, tradition, and advanced ideas. Though the mystery remains, it is now full of intrigue and excitement.

So I encourage you to also become a student. Educate yourself: ask questions and do some research. Our website is a great place to start. Here, you will find articles full of information on the culture, religion, and social happenings of the Middle East. I continue to use these articles as reference in my personal education, and will use the information that they offer. So welcome to the Helen Ziegler and Associates school of the Middle East - new students welcome.

Here is your homework:

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