COVID Highlights - Arabian Peninsula and Elsewhere

@ October 21, COVID-19 Deaths Per Million:

  • Spain: 732
  • USA: 682
  • UK: 647
  • Italy: 607
  • Canada: 259
  • Saudi Arabia: 149
  • Germany: 119
  • UAE: 48

October 21 - BBC: "Long Covid: Who is more likely to get it?" ... "The research at King's College London also showed being female, excess weight and asthma raised the risk. ... The study estimates: one in seven people is ill for at least four weeks; one in 20 people is ill for at least eight weeks; one in 45 people is ill for at least 12 weeks ..."

October 20 - New York Times: "A human challenge trial will begin in January, in which volunteers are deliberately exposed to the virus." ... "Researchers at Imperial College London are planning to deliberately infect healthy volunteers with the coronavirus early next year as part of the world’s first effort to study how people immunized with different vaccines respond to controlled exposure to the virus. The study, known as a human challenge trial, is scheduled to begin in January at a quarantine facility in London with 34 million pounds, or $44 million, of British government funding, the government announced on Tuesday. Such a study could save time in the race to winnow down a large number of vaccine candidates ... "

October 18 - CTV News: "Pandemic pushing more adults to take up musical instruments" ... "From baking bread to binging Netflix series, the pandemic has forced many people to find new hobbies to pass the time. Now, it seems, many ... are looking to flex their musical muscles, as music schools are seeing an increase in adults looking to take lessons ... "

October 16 - CNN: "Big global study finds remdesivir doesn't help Covid-19 patients" ... "In a study it described as both conclusive and disappointing, the World Health Organization said the antiviral drug remdesivir has "little or no effect on mortality" for patients hospitalized with coronavirus and it doesn't seem to help patients recover any faster, either. ..."

October 15 - BBC: "Coronavirus: 'Long Covid could be four different syndromes''" ... "These symptoms may be due to four different syndromes: permanent organ damage to the lungs and heart, post-intensive-care syndrome, post-viral fatigue syndrome, continuing Covid-19 symptoms ..."

October 14 - CTV News: "Blood type O may mean lower risk of COVID-19 infection and severe illness, new studies suggest" ... "People with blood type O may be less vulnerable to COVID-19 and have a reduced likelihood of getting severely ill, according to two studies published Wednesday. Experts say more research is needed. .. "

October 14 - CNN: "New reports show coronavirus immunity can last for months'" ... "Three new reports just published show coronavirus immunity can last for months, and maybe even longer. The findings suggest that many, if not most, people who recover from coronavirus infections are protected for at least a period of time. They also suggest that coronavirus vaccines may be able to protect people for more than just a few weeks. One study found that people produce antibodies against coronavirus that last for at least five to seven months."

October 14 - CNN: "Cases emerge of rare hearing loss after Covid-19'" ... "Health authorities around the world have reported the loss of taste and smell as clear symptoms of a Covid-19 infection. Now researchers are investigating after new cases of hearing loss with Covid-19 infections emerged. Among them is a 45-year-old man in Britain. The case study, published in the British Medical Journal’s BMJ Case Reports on Tuesday, describes how the man, who also has asthma, saw an otolaryngology specialist following a week of hearing loss while he was being treated in hospital for Covid-19."

October 13 - BBC: "Covid reinfection: Man gets Covid twice and second hit 'more severe'" ... "A man in the United States has caught Covid twice, with the second infection becoming far more dangerous than the first, doctors report. The 25-year-old needed hospital treatment after his lungs could not get enough oxygen into his body. Reinfections remain rare and he has now recovered. ..."

October 13: CNN: "Johnson & Johnson learned of “unexplained illness” in Phase 3 coronavirus trial on Sunday" ... "Johnson & Johnson said Tuesday that it learned of the “unexplained illness,” which caused it to pause its Phase 3 coronavirus vaccine trial in the US ... “It’s not at all unusual for unexpected illnesses to occur in large studies over their duration,” ... "

October 11 - CTV News: "Coronavirus can remain infectious on bank notes, other surfaces for weeks: study" ... "A new study looking at how long the novel coronavirus can survive on surfaces found that it can remain infectious on some surfaces -- including bank notes -- for at least 28 days, provided the temperature is right. Published this week in the Virology Journal, the new paper describes how researchers tested the virus on several surfaces, including cotton and bank notes, at numerous temperatures in order to measure the lifespan of the virus under these different circumstances ..."

October 9 - Yahoo News: "Neck gaiters can protect against spreading COVID-19, study finds" ... "In the world of face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19, neck gaiters have gotten a bad rap. ... But a new study, which has not yet been published, found that we might have been too quick to dismiss these tube-shaped face coverings. ... The researchers found that gaiters with one layer provided a 77 percent average reduction in respiratory droplets compared with wearing no face mask. Two-layer face masks provided an 81 percent reduction in respiratory droplets. And gaiters made up of two or three layers (polyester and spandex) provided a 96 percent reduction in respiratory droplets. ..."

October 9 - Al Jazeera: "China joins COVAX, UN-backed global COVID-19 vaccine facility" ... "China has officially signed an agreement to join the World Health Organization-led COVAX facility, a global COVID-19 vaccine project to ensure poorer countries have access to life-saving vaccines. ... "

Over 100 countries, including Canada, the UK, Australia, Japan, and 27 countries of the EU, have joined this program to back equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.

October 8 - CNN: "Coronavirus killed 3 times more people in England and Wales this year than flu and pneumonia combined, figures show" ... "“The mortality rate for COVID-19 is also significantly higher than influenza and pneumonia rates for both 2020 and the five-year average.""

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