Housing: King Faisal Specialist Hospital - Jeddah


One of the benefits of working in Saudi Arabia is that fully furnished accommodations are provided rent and utility free.

During our most recent visit in May 2012, we visited the housing for the King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Jeddah.

Al Amoudia

All single-status female hospital staff and married-status hospital staff are housed in Amoudia compound, which has been rented to the King Faisal by a private property management company for approximately nine years.

Male single-status staff are housed off-site of Amoudia, in an apartment-hotel setting. Units are two bedroom/two bath, with kitchen and living room shared.

The compound is in several phases, each of which is made up of three-storey apartment buildings, with 48 units per building. Phase I and Phase II are reserved for single females, and Phase III and IV for families. Most employees will receive a single-occupancy unit (i.e., studio or bachelor style); however, one-bedroom apartments are available for senior staff on single-status contracts.

There is a swimming pool for each Phase, as well as a small gym, steam room and sauna, and an open air Jacuzzi. (Phase II, for women, includes a salon/spa next to the pool.)

The compound has a mini market for the daily necessities like water, milk, bread, ice cream, snacks, basic toiletries/cleaning supplies, etc.

A daily bus service is provided to all the big malls and stores.

Satellite television is available for purchase at a cost of SR50/month ($14). The package (2011) has 65 channels, of which about 30% are in English.

Internet access is also available (USB connections). Various packages are available, however, most staff pay SR100/month (about $27).

The compound is located just six minutes from the main hospital by free, hospital-provided shuttle bus service.   (Intrepid, heat-resistant residents tell us they can  walk to the hospital in about 15 minutes if they choose to.)

Studio, or Bachelor-Style Units

All staff-level positions (e.g., Staff Nurse, Staff RRT, etc.), are provided with their own basic accommodation, which consists of a studio or "bachelor" apartment, i.e., it includes a combo living room/bedroom, and a separate kitchen and bathroom. Units are air conditioned and fully furnished (including a TV), and include linen and kitchen needs (e.g., pots, pans, cutlery, plates).

There is no laundry in the individual studio/bachelor-style unit, but there are shared laundry facilities (free) in the building.

Super Studio or One-bedroom Unit

The one-bedroom "super studio" is the basic, single-occupancy unit reserved for single-status staff above the staff level, e.g., above the Staff Nurse or Staff RRT level.

Units are air conditioned and fully furnished (including a TV), and include linen and kitchen needs (e.g., pots, pans, cutlery, plates).

The super studio or one-bedroom units include an ensuite washer/dryer.

Want a Look?

Take a look at the housing photo gallery or the housing tour video.

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