Aldara Hospital and Medical Centre

The concept for the new Aldara Hospital and Medical Center is based on market research which shows that new technologies and advances in medical practice means that preventative medicine and treatments for most acute illnesses is best provided on an outpatient basis. Located in Riyadh, the bustling capital of Saudi Arabia, the Aldara Hospital will house a 106-bed hospital and the largest outpatient center in Riyadh. 70% of the services will be ambulatory and the hospital will offer all services, with the exception of dentistry.

Aldara, which is scheduled to open in 2019, is a partnership between Saudi Investors and the well-known Henry Ford Health System (which operates 2000+ beds, across six tertiary-care facilities in Detroit, Michigan, USA). The Aldara hospital is modelled on the Henry Ford Bloomfield hospital site, a 200-bed acute-care facility which offers a collaborative approach to health and wellness.

The hospital will house:

• 68 Clinics (with 192 examination rooms)
• 8 Operating Theatres
• 15 procedures rooms
• A 41-bed ER (including 2 resuscitation rooms; 6 triage rooms; 8 overnight rooms)
• Cath Lab (projected to open in year 2)


The staff at Aldara Hospital and Medical Center will be recruited locally and internationally, including from the United States, Canada, and Europe. They will work alongside rotating physicians from Henry Ford Health System, who will collaborate with Aldara’s medical team on clinical activities, training, and research.

About the CEO, Dr. Adnan Ezzat

Dr. Adnan Ezzat was appointed as CEO of the Aldara Hospital and Medical Center in March 2015. Professor Ezzat trained as a Medical Oncologist at the University of Ottawa, one of Canada’s top medical schools, following which he obtained his American Boards and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology. Dr. Ezzat also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Professor Ezzat has enjoyed a long and successful career as a senior executive, including in the roles of Executive Director and board member at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, a 900+ bed tertiary-care center.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The capital city, population about 5 million and expanding into the surrounding desert at a rapid pace. Has extravagantly fanciful buildings, malls, and towers.

The social life for Westerners is enriched by events at the foreign embassies in the city. After people acclimatize to the heat, they play sports: golf, tennis, hockey, soccer, sand-board.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, population of approximately 33 million (2017 est. 63% Saudis, 37% expatriates), with mountains and the Red Sea on the west coast, the Arabian Gulf on the east coast, and the Empty Quarter in the middle.

Mecca and Medina, the two most holy cities in Islam, are located north of Jeddah. The country's majority religion is Sunni Islam. Common recreational activities pursued by Westerners: desert camping, swimming and diving in the Red Sea, running, tennis, hiking in the mountains. more