Clinical Research Coordinator - Kuwait

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Our client has a pool of diabetes patients which they wish to recall for a follow-up study; this pool of patients will be pre-screened to determine their diabetes status (pre-diabetic, diabetic, at-risk, etc) and then undergo a variety of different measures and scans.

Meanwhile, in a collaborating institution, another cohort of participants will undergo the same scans and tests; their results will be compared. Genetic scans will be made to find out what is the difference between them and within each cohort (the one abroad and the one in Kuwait).

The number of participants that will come will be roughly 200 per year, so about one per day for every working day.

Our client's work is to manage every bit of the process: calling the patients and scheduling them to come, the measures-taking (including drawing blood), providing certain equipment/consumables (though not all), and coordinating between the various research sites when the time for analysis and data transfer comes.


  • Bachelor's degree in Nursing or other relevant field (from Canada, the USA, the UK, Ireland, Western Europe, Australia, or New Zealand)
  • Five years of experience as a CRC in Canada, the USA, the UK, Ireland, Western Europe, Australia, or New Zealand
  • CRC experience in diabetes research is preferred

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Kuwait was brought to the world's attention in a major way when Iraq invaded in 1990. It is now fully recovered from the Iraqi onslaught and is once again a prosperous, hospitable country which manages to keep its own cultural tradition intact while still playing host to many Westerners. Kuwait's university has a medical school and professional programs for all health care disciplines. The health care services are delivered by large government hospitals and by several small private hospitals. more