EEG Technologist (Neurodiagnostics) - Abu Dhabi, UAE

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The Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE (CCAD) is a brand new, 364-bed, tertiary-care hospital. CCAD is an extension of the US-based Cleveland Clinic’s model.

CCAD has 12 Clinical Institutes (areas of specialty) and 30+ medical and surgical subspecialties. The hospital officially opened in May 2015.


  • Bachelor Degree in Neurophysiology or Biophysics/Physiology online degrees cannot be considered
  • Associate Degree in Neurophysiology (minimum 2-year duration) online degrees cannot be considered
  • Diploma in Neurophysiology (minimum 1-year duration, for which official transcripts and a diploma were obtained) online diplomas cannot be considered;
  • Current registration with ABRET or CBRET (R.EEG T.)
  • Two years of current experience as a Registered EEG/Electroneurodiagnostic Tech (R.EEG T.) in a mid- to large-sized acute-care hospital in the USA or Canada
  • Proficient use of PCs and spreadsheets


  • Tax-free income
  • Single-status contract
  • Shared accommodations provided (with free shuttle bus to/from hospital)
  • Living Allowances
  • Return airfare (start/end of contract)
  • Medical coverage
  • 25 working days of vacation
NOTE: Because we are a North American based recruitment company we are only able to recruit citizens of Canada and the United States.

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Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

The Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Abu Dhabi (CCAD) is a brand new, 364-bed, tertiary-care hospital. CCAD provides Western-style healthcare, following the U.S. Cleveland Clinic model. The hospital officially opened in May 2015. more

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, is also the wealthiest emirate and the largest emirate. Wishing to establish itself as the cultural center of the Middle East, it is building a fantasy-like museum to which the Louvre will lend exhibits.

United Arab Emirates

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