Employment Basics: UAE

The UAE is a dynamic and congenial blend of Arabic culture and Western culture: you hear the prayer call five times a day, and see beautiful mosques throughout the cities, while at the same time, women drive cars, the government promotes tourism, and the finest Western hotels serve food from all over the world.

Applicants for positions in the UAE, must have, depending on the level of position, anywhere from two to 10 years of current, post-registration experience in a mid- to large-sized acute-care hospital.

Contracts are for one to two years, and are renewable by mutual agreement. Income earned while working in the UAE is tax-free (no tax is deducted in the UAE but you should check for any possible tax liability in your home country).*

The majority of employment contracts are single-status, which means that even if you are married, your spouse and/or family cannot accompany you to the UAE.

Furnished accommodations or a suitable housing allowance are provided as part of your contract.

Medical Coverage is provide by the hospital and in the case of those on married-status contracts, coverage is also provided to any eligible dependents.

Americans, see: Internal Revenue Service

Canadians, see: Canada Revenue Agency

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