My First Week in Abu Dhabi

This is it, the first week is done! I am jet-lagged, but it's getting better every day. I think, in all, this is the difficult part of coming over here.

I have met some really nice and motivated people. Everybody is super pumped and excited about work. The hospital looks stunning!! We haven't been inside yet, but some docs were saying that the OR is amazing, quote: "It's Star Trek"! I can't wait to see it.

It is hot as expected, but that doesn't bother me too much coming from the Okanagan. The humidity though! It can be a little sticky at night; I just have multiple showers each day! I am extremely clean!

Everything is going smoothly; I am very happy the see how well I am taken care of. The pick-up at the airport was wonderful and swift. The hotel is great and very well positioned. I should have my bank account number this morning.

The team is very well organized in taking us around the city to do our immigration process.

I have settled into a physical routine, one day Pilates, the other the gym (weight and cardio). The girls like going out for dinner every night! Me not so much; I like to explore other alternatives. I went to a place where I am sure none of them would have come with me! I nearly had brain masala for dinner, but instead I went for chicken tikka! (But I keep in mind the brain for another day.) I asked the guy which animal the brain comes from, and of course it is sheep. I saw a program on TV once about it, and it's supposed to be excellent. I have traveled in India for six months, and I have been to Nepal three times already, so have experienced some interesting local delicacies to say the least. It's fun.

The city is really high density, which is a little overwhelming, but I will get use to it.

That's about it for now. It will be nice when the humidity starts coming down, and we spend more time outside. - Y, RN in Abu Dhabi

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