Standard Benefit Packages

In addition to tax-free income and adventure, one of the draws of working in Saudi Arabia is the benefit package. While benefits vary by employer and by position, the standard benefits at most of the hospitals that hire Western staff include:

Single-Status Contracts (cover only the employee)

  • Return airfare from/to point-of-hire
  • Free, furnished accommodations
  • Healthcare coverage
  • Emergency dental coverage
  • Generous vacation time

Married-Status Contracts (cover the employee, spouse, and two or four dependent children, depending on the position)

  • Return airfare from/to point-of-hire for the employee and eligible dependents
  • Free, furnished accommodations (including utilities)
  • Healthcare coverage for the employee and eligible dependents
  • Emergency dental coverage for the employee and eligible dependents
  • Generous vacation time
  • Educational assistance for contract-eligible dependent children (as noted, two or four children, depending on position)

Other Benefits

The hospitals cover malpractice/liability insurance for clinical staff. Management staff and physicians are also allowed professional leave days and given a professional leave allowance.

Those who work for more than one year typically receive a return ticket home at the end of each year.

Note: Always confirm with your recruiter the specific benefits pertaining to the position you are being offered.

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