The Population of Qatar

The State of Qatar is an Arab emirate in the Persian Gulf with a total estimated population of 2.4 million. Of these, it is also estimated that about 88%
are non-Qataris.

In 2010, Qatar had the world's highest GDP, and is rate of economic growth was the fastest in the world.

The majority of Qataris live in urban areas and 80% of the population is concentrated in the capital city, Doha.

Expatriates in Qatar

The labour force in Qatar relies heavily on foreign workers, resulting in an ethnic makeup (2010 estimates) as follows: Qatari Arab 15%; other Arab 13%; Indian 24%; Nepali 16%; Filipino 11%; Sri Lankan 5%; Bangladeshi: 5%; Pakistani 4%; other: 7% (e.g., American, Canadian, various European, etc.). Qatar offers regionally competitive wages that attract highly skilled professionals from around the world. Employment income in Qatar is tax-free and Qatari tax is collected only on income from business activities. Non-citizens in Qatar can buy land in Doha in designated areas, and they can obtain a renewable residency permit, which allows them to live and work in Qatar. Craft and related trades workers account for the greatest portion of the labor force (29%), which is mainly in the construction sector.

Women in Qatar

According to a 2010 Gulf News article, because of the high proportion of foreign male workers (particularly in the growing construction sector), women comprise only one- quarter of the population of Qatar. Female life expectancy and literacy rate have increased over the past several generations, and there is a high proportion of women in the education sector. The wife of the Emir, Sheikha Mouza has been a strong advocate for women's rights, supporting women's education and career opportunities. An April 14, 2011 article on reported that Qatari women made up 27% of the country’s workforce in 2001, rose to 36% in 2008 and 2009, and is expected to reach 42% by 2016.

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