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Doha is the capital of the State of Qatar, and was originally a small village where the population fished and pearled. Today, with a population of more than 1 million, Doha contains the majority the country's population, and is the country's only major city.

Doha, located along the Persian Gulf, is the country's main port and home of the Doha International Airport, and is the economic, educational (link to our article on Western programs in Qatar), sports (link to our article on sports in Qatar), and cultural center of the country.

Things to do and see are many, no matter what one's age, including large shopping malls and traditional souks; the Qatar National Museum and Museum of Islamic Art (which opened in 2008); traditional dhow boat tours; off-roading in the desert; beaches; restaurants, cinemas, night clubs, and sports bars; ice skating at the City Center and Villagio malls; the Doha Zoo for the kids; and more.

Doha's location means it has an arid climate, with mild, pleasant winters, and very hot, humid summers; sandstorms are common in spring and winter. For today's weather in Doha, see the Civil Aviation Authority's Department of Meteorology.

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