FAQ: University of Calgary - Qatar

Established in 2007, the University of Calgary - Qatar (UCQ) is the Middle Eastern extension of the University of Calgary in Canada. The academic institution's aim is to prepare young Qataris for a career in nursing, or to advance their existing nursing career. The UCQ campus is located in Doha, Qatar.

What programs of study are offered at UCQ?

UCQ offers two programs: a Bachelor's in Nursing program, and a Post-RN diploma program. Both these programs are modeled after similar programs offered at the University of Calgary's Canadian campus.

Are the programs the same length as similar programs in the United States or Canada?

The length of the programs depends on where the student begins in the program. Students with a prior background in nursing may be advanced faster than those without. A student's command of the English language is also a determining factor in how long their program is, since courses are taught in English.

Where are UCQ students from?

Qataris make up the bulk of the student population since they are given priority during the admission process. Furthermore, UCQ does not have the power to issue student visas. Therefore unless a prospective student can acquire a Residency Permit through a relative, they may not attend UCQ.

Where are UCQ faculty members from?

The UCQ faculty is composed of Canadian graduates of PhD and Master's programs. As a result, the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) accredits UCQ.

What are the requirements to enter the UCQ programs?

For the UCQ Nursing Program, applicants need to have graduated from a Canadian-approved secondary school program or completed the College of the North Atlantic Qatar Pre- Nursing Program. There are exceptions made for those who hold nursing degrees not recognized by the CASN if they take a placement test. All applicants must take a standardized English language test prior to applying. All applicants must be a Qatari citizen or hold a Qatari Resident's Permit.

The requirements for the Post-Diploma Program are the same as the Nursing Program, except that they must hold either a Nursing diploma from a Higher Institute of Nursing in Qatar or a Nursing diploma from an accredited institution in Canada.

Where will I do my clinical training?

During nursing school, clinical rotations will be at hospitals in Qatar.

When each year do the programs start?

The UCQ school year is broken up into three semesters: the first semester runs from September till December; the second semester runs from January to April; and the third semester runs from May until the end of June.

What are the annual tuition costs?

Most students attend the fall and winter semesters only. In 2012, two-semester year, consisting of five credits, costs approximately US$11,100.


Information is subject to change. Always check with the school for the most up-to-date information about requirements, programs, and costs.

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