Why Do We Interview?

With a few exceptions, we have held face-to-face interviews with each of the over 7,500 people we have recruited for contracts in the countries of the Middle East. We do this for several reasons:

  1. To alert people of the many side benefits of working in the Middle East: learning about a new language, seeing different diseases, working with people from all over the world, having more time for personal interests, etc.

  2. To discuss possible adjustment problems that individuals may have to a Muslim/Arabic culture, to being far away from their families and to living in an entirely different environment.

  3. To make sure people are familiar with the political sensitivities of the Middle East, especially concerning the Palestine-Israel situation.

  4. To identify any personal issues, attitudes, or motivations, which would prevent an enjoyable experience in the Middle East.

  5. To allow individuals to meet, in person, a representative from our office.

Although it is not always possible, we try to do an initial group interview (of two to four people) with individuals who are applying for the same hospital/country, followed by a one-on-one meeting with each candidate. We feel that people are more relaxed in a group, ask more questions, share their experiences, and exchange contact information. Many friendships have started in the group interview. Personally, if I receive a lot of questions, I tend to get carried away and probably overload people with information!

I think that most of the people we have recruited feel a personal connection with our office. This is partly because they have to trust that we give accurate information, and that we are concerned about their welfare. It is also because all of us here are naturally interested in people and would rather talk to our candidates than do any of the routine paperwork which is a part of the recruitment process. Therefore, going on trips to meet people in person is one of the best perks in our office.

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