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One of the most attractive benefits to working in Saudi Arabia is that fully furnished accomodations are provided rent and utility free.

During our recent visits to the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh (May 2012, and January and September 2009), part of our comprehensive hospital tour was a visit to the housing complexes in which you, our candidates, stay during your contract with the hospital. During our stays in 2009, we were even housed in one of the complexes for single females.

Most complexes have gym and pool ammenities. Those without these ammenities will have access to one of the nearby complexes'. Female staff have the option of using the gym ammenities at Palm Villas (Family Housing) for a fee of SR100/month (about US$27). Also, all hospital staff have the option of purchasing a membership with the Employee Social Club for full access to their gym, pool and social events.

Basic Cable (65 channels) is available at the cost of SR65/month (US$17). Internet access may also be purchased for SR175/month (US$47).

Housing assignments are not issued until the week of travel. Special requests for housing can be made; however, we cannot guarantee that you will recieve the housing complex of your choice.

The following is a brief tour of housing at The King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh. You can also see more photos in the Housing Gallery:

Complex C & E Single Female Housing (C shown above)

Both Complex C & E house single female hospital employees in one and two bedroom apartments. The complexes share a central courtyard pool/jacuzzi area, perfect for laying in the sun or relaxing after your shift at the hospital.

Building ammenities include:

  • Communal laundry room on every floor;
  • Sitting area and computer room on ground floor;
  • Gym;
  • Pool;
  • Jacuzzi;
  • Two bedroom apartments come with two bathrooms

Complexes F & G Single Female Housing

Complex F is home to 440 bachelor style units for single females. Because they are such highly sought after units, the complex is currently at full capacity. If you do not recieve a single capacity apartment, do not dispair. Many of our candidates prefer the lifestyle and advantages that come with living with a housemate. This building began occupancy in 2009-2010.

Complex G is the mirror image of F, though slightly newer, with staff beginning occupancy in 2012.

Building ammenities include:

  • Laundry facilities on each floor;
  • Pool;
  • Gym (currently under construction);
  • Common sitting area and computer room

Complex H Single Female Housing

This new housing complex, located adjacent to Complex G (above), is scheduled to begin occupancy in late summer/autumn 2016.

The complex has 10 floors, with single (unshared) accommodations.

Complex B Single Female Housing

These units are rarely open to newly arrived nurses.

The true meaning of a "Bachelor" (or studio-style) apartment.

This low-rise with 96 single occupancy units for single female employees, sits just steps from the main hospital. In addition to the bachelor units, there are 12 one-bedroom units which are reserved for physicians visiting the hospital on a locum.

The building has a computer room on the main floor. Residents use the gym, pool, and tennis courts at the Social Club, next door.

Men have the option of taking a housing allowance and finding an apartment off-site.

Until 2014, this was for males.

Complex A Single Female Housing

These units are rarely open to newly arrived nurses.  

Complex A was recently renovated to house women on single-status contracts. It is identical to the women's Complex B (above), so is made up of small single-occupancy bachelor/studio units, as well as a small number of one-bedroom units for higher grade staff.

The building has a computer room on the mail floor. Residents can use the gym and pool at Complex C next door. (See write-up on C above.)

Complex D Single Female Housing

Out front of Complex D, which houses single female hospital employees, we stopped to speak with an RN returning from her most recent hospital shift. She and her housemate "hit it off from day one" and she has been very happy with her current accommodations. We were, again, reminded that it can take some time (an average of three months) to become fully comfortable in your new living situation.

Building ammenities include:

  • Two bedroom units;
  • Two washrooms;
  • Ensuite washer/dryer;
  • Pool;
  • Gym;
  • Tennis Courts

MCV Single Female Villas

Donna Radey, our expert in nurse recruitment, was first introduced to Helen Ziegler when she travelled to Saudi Arabia as a recovery room RN. During her stay at the hospital, she was housed in MCV complex and speaks very highly of her experience. She prefered the convienience of living in such close proximity to the main hospital, and often enjoyed her morning coffee on her private patio.

Buidling ammenities include:

  • Ensuite washer/dryer;
  • 259 units;
  • Small backyard;
  • Pool;
  • Hot tub

KAC Single Female and Family Housing

During our visits to Riyadh in 2009, we were housed in a three bedroom apartment in KAC. The apartment was very spacious and conveniently located just across the street from the main hospital gate. The top floor of the complex is reserved for single females, who share the building amenities with families.

Buidling ammenities include:

  • Two and three bedroom apartments;
  • Ensuite washer/dryer;
  • Pool;
  • Tennis Court;
  • Playground

Want a Look?

Take a look at the gallery of housing photos or the video of our visit to Complex E.

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