The Top 11 Must-Dos in Saudi Arabia

We told you about the must-sees in Saudi Arabia, now for the must-dos!

1) Ride a camel! As we often say, how can you go to Saudi Arabia and not ride a camel?! And we laugh that when we visit Saudi Arabia, the people we see riding camels are Westerners (including all of us at HZA) and Saudi children! I bet they think we're as cute as they are.

2) Ride a REAL Arabian horse in Arabia!

3) Dive, snorkel, or at least dip a toe in the Red Sea! See Down by the Red Sea or Diving in the Red Sea.

4) Go on a hash run! You don't have to be an athlete to enjoy a hash run in the desert! It's a great way to see the desert and meet fellow Western expatriates.

5) Haggle in a gold souq! Don't be like me and haggle the wrong way, though …yes, that's a true story.

6) Golf on a sand golf course - don't forget your carpet swatch! There are a few in Saudi Arabia, e.g., Whispering Sands Golf Club in Jubail, The Yanbu Golf Club in Yanbu, The Dune Golf Club, Dhahran.

7) Buy a hot, fresh shawarma from a vendor in a souq!

8) Get your fast food fix at ALBAIK! This fast food chicken franchise was founded in Jeddah in 1974, and numerous fast food chicken lovers report that it's the best fast food chicken they've ever had. (Unfortunately, ALBAIK can only be found in Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, and Yanbu.)

9) Camp in the desert.

10) Hike on the escarpment along the Red Sea.

11) Buy a very fancy Abaya - maybe a Gucci silk one! (But make sure it's black.) Also see: The Top 7 Great Things About Abayas and our video about abaya shopping in Riyadh.

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