The Learning Experience

So how do we describe what a person will find in Saudi Arabia?

Mostly it will be an intense learning experience on many fronts: the diseases may be different or the diseases will be familiar but patients arrive sicker with a later stage in the disease process. The patients come from a different culture and your colleagues are from all over the world. You will have a lot of free time on your hands therefore you may take online courses or towards a graduate degree. You have to be constantly open to new ideas, to new people and to different ways of doing things. Over and over people tell us about how everything is new and different, and how this energizes them.

What type of personalities like working in Saudi Arabia? Someone who is intellectually curious, who is sociable, is non-judgmental, and is open to learning about other cultures and other ways of practicing medicine/nursing. Someone who has a tendency to teach at every opportunity will thrive. Someone who is confident and optimistic, who has many interests, likes to do new things, and likes to have fun. The people "who make things happen" contribute most to the job, to the hospital community, and to the expatriate community.

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