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Why Travel to the Middle East

Some people go for the tax-free salary. Many go for the travel. Many are simply seeking a change. Others go for the adventure. Some stay for years; a good number return repeatedly.

Day-to-day life is less hectic than in the West. You don’t have the daily aggravations: the long commute to work; the energy spent on maintaining your dwelling; the scramble to buy stuff you don’t need. You have time to develop other parts of your life, be they athletic, artistic, or spiritual. The repeaters tell us you have more fun in the Middle East. Finally, those of us who have lived in the Arabian Peninsula, feel that it has been a truly enlightening experience.

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Letters From Our Recruits

Social Life in Saudi Arabia

Like anywhere else, the social life in Saudi Arabia is what you make of it. There are organized trips to historical sites, sports competitions, and other recreational activities. Dinner parties, desert parties, and beach parties are common. There are concerts at embassies and expatriate-operated amateur theater and musical ensembles. more

Beyond My Expectations

American nurse Caroline Polt found working in Saudi Arabia to be a unique opportunity to learn about a variety of cultures. And add a few new English words to her vocabulary. more



Nursing Executive

Advanced Practice Nurse/Nurse Practitioner

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Nurse Educator

Nurse Clinician/Clinical Nurse Specialist/Nurse Instructor

Nurse Manager - Ambulatory Care/Outpatient Clinics Nurse

Nurse Manager - Critical Care (Adult & Pediatric)

Nurse Manager - Medical/Surgical/Oncology (Adult & Pediatric)

Nurse Manager - Other

RN - Ambulatory Care/Outpatient Clinics Nurse

RN - Case Management/Utilization Review Nurse

RN - Clinical Nurse Coordinator

RN - Community Nursing

RN - Cardiovascular ICU (CSICU/CVICU) Nurse

RN - Coronary Care Unit (CCU) Nurse

RN - Emergency Room (ER) Nurse

RN - Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse

RN - Neonatal ICU (NICU) Nurse

RN - Pediatric ICU (PICU) Nurse

RN - Medical/Surgical/Oncology (Adult & Pediatric)

RN - Obstetrics/Gynecology

RN - Perioperative Services


Registered Respiratory Therapist ( RRT )

Cardiac Sciences

CSSD/Sterile Supply

EMS / Paramedics

Medical Imaging Services

Pharmacy Services

Quality Assurance/Improvement (QA/QI)

Radiation Therapy



Department Chair/Chief/Head

MD - Anesthetist/Anesthesiologist

MD - Critical Care/Intensivist

MD - Emergency Medicine (ER) Physician

MD - Immunologist

MD - Medical Specialties

MD - Obstetrician/Gynecologist

MD - Pathology Subspecialties

MD - Pediatric Subspecialties

MD - Quality Assurance/Risk Management

MD - Radiologist

MD - Surgical Specialties



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About The Middle East

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia offers history, culture, modern amenities, and abundant opportunities for exploration. From camping under starry desert skies, to hiking in the mountains along the west coast, to diving the spectacular coral reefs and wrecks of the Red Sea, to exploring fascinating ruins and historical sites, to shopping in the affluence of Riyadh or Jeddah, you will find something in the Kingdom to make it a memorable adventure for you.

United Arab Emirates

From the glittering, ultra-modern coastal cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, across the desert sands to the oasis city of Al Ain, nestled beneath Hafeet Mountain, along the border with Oman, the United Arab Emirates offers you city style, seaside fun, and outdoor adventure in a relaxed, laid back setting.


Small in size, big in outlook. This country, about the size of Connecticut, offers a relaxed atmosphere, access to amenities like movies and symphony performances, and engages the world through its Al Jazeera network and hosting major sporting events like the 2006 Asian Games and the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Working in the Middle East

About Helen Ziegler & Associates

As part of the recruitment process, we have to ask you all kinds of questions about yourself, so here's a chance for you to learn a little bit about us.

Frequently Asked Questions - Saudi Arabia

Where will I live? What is the social life like there? How should I dress? Can I drive? We love questions (and spend a large part of our day answering them). We understand that there is a lot of information that you would like to know, before you consider a position in Saudi Arabia. Here are a few of the most common questions we receive: more

Frequently Asked Questions - Abu Dhabi & Dubai, UAE

Considering a move to the UAE? Have questions, about social life, visas, and more? We have collected the most frequently asked questions about living in the Emirates to tell you what you want to know. more

Frequently Asked Questions - Qatar

What kind of recreation clubs are there to join in Qatar? Is it a problem that I have a tattoo? We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions about relocating to Qatar. Maybe you have the same questions, or maybe we have some questions you never thought to ask. more


The holy month of Ramadan represents one of the five pillars of Islam. It is a month during which adult Muslims who are physically able fast (abstaining from food, water, and smoking) during daylight hours. Non-Muslims need not fast, but cannot eat or drink in public. more

More On Muslim Culture & Religion

A List of Suggested Readings

We always feel that the more informed applicants are, the better. So if you would like to do some reading about the Middle East prior to relocating, we've provided a list of resources to help you out.

More General Information About the Middle East

Letters From Helen

My First Time in Saudi Arabia

As Helen prepares for another visit to Saudi Arabia, she remembers her first experience in the Kingdom more than 30 years ago, when she lived in the mountains of the western part of the Kingdom. more

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