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Helen Ziegler & Associates, Inc. (HZA) has provided healthcare staff for hospitals in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar since 1981. The company specializes in sourcing “hard-to-get” candidates, and assessing their personal suitability for the given assignment. We have a reputation for giving trustworthy information, for being methodical and organized, for being accessible, and for answering even the most detailed or unusual questions.

HZA recruits individuals from the United States, the UK, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. We recruit for all positions within a healthcare setting – administrators, doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists, technologists, as well as all administrative and support staff. Since the company’s inception in 1981, HZA’s staff has successfully recruited over 8,000 healthcare and medical professionals – all specialties.

HZA offers a comprehensive recruitment service. With 40+ years of experience in this business, we have talked to thousands of healthcare professionals, and have acquired expertise in assessing the clinical/technical skills of all types of healthcare positions. In addition to the actual recruitment services – identifying, orienting, interviewing, assessing, reference checking and relocating.

We make the entire process easy for you. We ask you to send us the required documents for your license and visa and we handle the rest. More significantly, we are unique in that we pay all the costs of licensing, visas, etc. Our candidates pay nothing.

We also keep in contact with our recruits the entire time they are placed. Basically, it is faster than getting a license from other countries such as the US, Canada, and the UK.

For more information about HZA's recruitment services, please contact us by email at hza@hziegler.com or by phone at 416-977-6941 or 1-800-387-4616.

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