Getting Your Saudi Professional License

Licensing in Saudi Arabia is acquired through the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS). We start individuals on the SCFHS licensing process before relocation and the licensing process is completed on-site.

If the process sounds overwhelming, rest assured that we handle all of the behind-the-scenes minutiae of the process. You just have to send us your many documents and we take it from there.

Licensing is a three-step process, as follows:

Part 1: Mumaris:

Mumaris is the Saudi online system into which we (your recruitment company) enter all your documents (educational, passport, employment letters, etc.) Mumaris assesses your eligibility for licensing Saudi Arabia.

If you are deemed “eligible for licensing,” Mumaris sends us an “Eligibility Number” which we use to register you for part two of the document verification system, “Dataflow.”

Everyone must now write the Prometric or Pearson Vue licensing exam and will therefore also receive an “Exam Eligibility Number.” The exam is written before relocation. The fee for the nursing Prometric exam is US$239.

Part 2: Dataflow:

Dataflow is a third party company used by the SCFHS to verify your documents. To register, we use your email address and the Eligibility Number from Mumaris.

We upload all of your documents to Dataflow (the same ones we sent to Mumaris). We also pay the required fees. In approximately two-four business days we receive a “Dataflow Payment Receipt”. You relocate to Saudi Arabia with the Dataflow Payment Receipt.

Part 3: On-Site

The licensing process is completed in Saudi Arabia. When you relocate, you will hand-carry all the documents (we prepare for you) we have sent to Mumaris and Dataflow, plus the Dataflow Payment Receipt. You will present these documents to the on-site person who manages the hospital’s relationship with the SCFHS. You will fill out an application for Saudi licensing. The application form and the documents will be submitted to SCFHS, who will issue you a license to practice in Saudi Arabia.

For non-Saudis, licensing by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties lasts for three years.


Information is subject to change. Contact your recruiter and/or employer.

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