Employment Basics: Saudi Arabia

Most people find that living and working in Saudi Arabia is a life-changing experience.

Vacation time in Saudi Arabia is generous (usually six to eight weeks per year). Other benefits include tax-free income* and furnished accommodations.

The majority of staff-level employment contracts in Saudi Arabia are "single-status," which means that even if you are married, your spouse and/or family members cannot accompany you to Saudi Arabia. However, staff holding senior leadership positions and Medical Doctors are offered "married-status" contracts, meaning they can travel with their families.

Contracts in Saudi Arabia are generally for one or two years, renewable by mutual agreement.

Most positions require a minimum of two- to three- years of current, post-registration experience in an acute-care hospital. Licensed staff (e.g., RNs, RRTs) must have and maintain current, active licenses both at home and in Saudi Arabia. We take you through the clinical licensing process for Saudi Arabia.

*No tax is deducted in Saudi Arabia, but you should check for any possible tax liability in your home country.

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