Why Do We Pay for Everything?

Nurses/doctors that we have recently recruited will tell you that we pay all the costs of obtaining a position in Saudi Arabia. This includes: licensing, medicals, visa, etc.

We do this for several reasons:

1) As with any other country, the requirements for getting a professional license and an employment visa in Saudi Arabia are endlessly complex and require presenting documents from different institutions, previous employers, a police clearance, medical exam, etc.

2) Our solution: We ask candidates to send their documents to us. Then, we submit them to the various authorities and do all the follow-up. This applies to all steps in the recruitment process.

3) Having done hundreds, even thousands, of licensing/visa applications, we can anticipate roadblocks, offer solutions, keep pressure on different bodies, and so on.

4) We also pay all the costs. We feel that expecting an applicant to hand over several thousand dollars, pounds, Euros, or kronor might discourage some from applying.

5) If there are costs that we are not allowed to pay directly, we reimburse you for these before you board the plane to the Middle East.

6) Doing all the technical work frees us to spend time answering questions about positions, rather than answering questions about licensing and visas. We aim to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

7) Philosophically, I believe our taking this financial responsibility demonstrates our belief in the many benefits of working in the dramatically different culture of Saudi Arabia.

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