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Qatar is the most recent country to join the group of oil and/or gas rich countries in the Arabian Peninsula.

Located on the Arabian Gulf, Doha (the capital of Qatar) has a 7-kilometer sea wall promenade that is busy with people running or strolling in the cool evening ocean breeze. Construction cranes look like a forest of trees above the city. The floors of the Four Seasons Hotel were made with the finest granite, its walls are hung with colourful art, and at its the luxurious spa one can get the works.

Qatar will appeal to individuals who like the challenges and excitement of building something new and from the ground up. We tell people that you may go over with a job description in your hand but if someone finds out you have another needed skill you may be asked to help out in a different job. So you have to be the type that likes to be confronted with new problems, be adaptable, and above all, be willing to pitch in wherever you are needed.

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